Power LED Lights

4XLED high power LED lights are designed for use in the free air, mainly on vehicles. It is not suitable for stationary, continuous lighting indoor or outdoor, or for built-in applications, if there is no air flow through the housing case.


Incredibly bright, this is no more an auxiliary light, but an alternative high beam, much brighter than original high beam in most vehicles.

  • 25 or 30 Watt power and ca. 3000-3500 lumen neutral white light
  • milled housung made of high strength aluminum alloy
  • highest environmental protection (IP69K/connector IP67)
  • built in high effectivity 2-stage energy converter (day light/full power)
  • latest LED diodes
  • high quality optics
  • thermal, overvoltage- and false polarity secured
  • built in interference suppressor filters. The light is “quiet” against radio devices.
  • 3 years guarantee
  • CE und RoHS conformal
  • SM4 SPEED (30 Watt)maximum range, but also wide beam, illuminaing the sides to almost 180┬░. Recommended for vehicles, which arrive high speeds.
  • SM4 OFF (25 Watt) Also a really good range, with somewhat wider beam, ideal for typical off-road.

2x SM4 OFF + BMW R1200 GS
2x SM4 SPEED + BMW R1200 GS


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The ultimate high range head light, replacing the strongest LED bars at much less weight and size. Very useful on straight sections of ways, where the maximum far view is needed. Also, it is very suitable as a very powerful search light eg. for boats.

  • 60 Watt Power,┬ábrightness at about 6000 lumen
  • 100% milled housing, made of high strenght aluminum alloy
  • Highest tightness
  • Ruggedized, high efficiency power converter, integrated in the light
  • High quality reflector mirror, ensuring best range and proper light dissipation
  • Thermal, reverse polarity and overvoltage protection
  • 2 years of quarantee
  • CE and RoHS compliant
  • Available in black or matt silver

2x Lucy + Jeep Grand Cherokee

Dimensional drawing
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