Supermini IR

Small, but very powerful infrared lamps. For use with night vision equipment (850nm versions) or infrared sensitive cameras (850 and 950nm versions). The range is over 300m (depends on observation device). The 950nm version is completely invisible for human eye.

  • high strength CNC-milled aluminium alloy housing
  • extreme environmental protection (IP69K compliant)
  • ruggedized high efficiency integrated electronics
  • the best world available IR diodes and lenses
  • 950nm verion invisible thru filter front lens
  • thermal, overvoltage, reverse polarity protection
  • 2 years warranty
  • CE and RoHS conform

Price and delivery time on request.

  • Supermini IR
  • Supermini IR
Spectrum, 950nm version
Supermini IR vawelenght